Friday, October 29, 2004

Freedom of Speech

Today I was sitting at a table by window finishing up my lunch when people started gathering in the courtyard outside. They were mostly older and middle aged people, and they were all carrying huge signs. As they set their signs up, I realized with a jolt what they were. Almost every poster had a huge picture of an aborted baby.

My stomach turned and I put my spoon down. How can you eat when you're looking at a bloody head held in a pair of tongs? Tears began welling up in my eyes as I watched.

I was situated in a perfect spot. The protesters were out the window to my right, directly in front of me were the stairs coming down from classrooms and the student lounge, and to my left was the cafeteria with student coming in and out with their lunches. I was able to see the reactions of everyone as their vision was assaulted by those horrible images. Some, like me, looked to be on the verge of tears and turned from their lunches in disgust. Others were outraged, and asked,"What are those people doing here?" I even heard a few attempts at jokes, but it was no laughing matter. These pictures showed everyone the true outcome of abortion: a dead baby.

A crowd began to gather near the people. Many argued with them, but others turned their heads as they passed. They couldn't deal with the atrociousness of it, so they "passed by on the other side."

I couldn't decide what to think. I agreed with the end that they were trying to achieve, but the means? All they were doing was stirring up more controversy on an already controversy-prone campus. They people that they actually did end up talking to were the ones with strong pro-choice ideas...the ones that can only change their minds through an act of God. But the others, the ones who didn't know what to think, how did they react?

Did the gruesomeness push them away and make them mad at the pro-lifers? Or did it make them think that abortion truly is something horrible? The next edition of the student newspaper will definitely be an interesting one...that at least is for sure.


Anonymous said...

Flaming Femi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jillian said...

Caleb are so weird for the 400th time this week!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Alrighty, time for the real analysis of this situation =)

Here is the scoop Jillian--These people saw a need, and proceeded to take action. What have you and I done to fight against this gross slaughtering of God's children?
In my opinion, their means are this: Consider the options... 1) They stay home, continue to support pro life and hold a sign on the Guide's side walks once a year. 2) They think of going to the college but decide they might strike anger into people, so instead, stay at home and continue their once a year routine. 3) They go to the college, risk upsetting and even sickening some people--but share the evils of abortion.

Option (1) has little impact--a vote against abortion and perhaps a bumper sticker.

Option (2) shows enthusiasm but yields to the phrase, "always show God's love." Fear of rejection also could have a hand in this route.

Option (3)goes the whole nine yards--risking much for the sake of Christ. Will people be offended? Yes. Will that offence cause more abortions? I submit that it will not, meaning option (3) will produce the best outcome for God's kingdom. Sure, offending people is not something a Christian would call "love." But what about all of those people...completely lost in their sin? Would it not be best to stop a person from running off of a cliff? These people are sprinting full speed towards the cliff of abortion, and are storing up the wrath of God in their judgment.
I say this: The best way to love these people in this situation is to (3): show them the affects of their sin, and keep preaching Christ at the center of the issue. ALWAYS KEEP CHRIST AT THE CENTER.

By His love and grace, Caleb

Jillian said...

I see your point Caleb, but looking at it from a women's perspective, that would be a very traumatizing thing to see if I had an abortion. I think it would harden me to the pro-lifers and their cause, and push me to a hardness of heart towards these people and their God. There is a time and place for making those bold public stands, and they do have their place, but the more effective way of reaching people is developing a relationship with them and showing them God's love through your life.

Anonymous said...

I, too, also see where you are coming from. I can't imagine what it would be like for a woman to see such a picture, especially if she had had an abortion. However, these 'relationships' we speak of are VERY rare. Most of the time, when one of God's chosen is friendly and loving towards a pro-choice individual, he/she will bring to themselves nothing more than light hearted, post-modernism conversations.
Because the pro-choicer’ has a good image of the friendly Christian, he/she will listen, but quickly refute what the Christian says, and move on to another subject of conversation quickly. I have seen this happen in my life, and the lives of many others. Again, it is VERY rare to see someone break through this way, but I am not saying it can't be done...All things are possible through Christ.
This is usually what you'll hear from the pro choice person: "Well, it's fine if you believe the Bible and think abortion is wrong--I have no problem with that. And I believe it isn't wrong, which is fine. We are two people with two different views. I respect yours, and you respect mine. .....I don't want to talk about it anymore--what are you doing this weekend?"
Jesus said to His followers, "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword" (Matthew 10:34).

"Christians may be sure of peace in Heaven and peace in our consciences, but peace in our worldly dealings is rare." (World writer)

The sword brought by Christ is twofold, as commentator pointed out: The sword of the Word eventually conquers (Revelation 19:21), but God’s truth often provokes such a hostile reaction among non-Christians that they apply the sword to believers. This effect of the preaching of the gospel is not the fault of the gospel, but of those who do not receive it. Because of this backlash effect, it is a mistake to think Christianity preserves its followers from trouble in this world. Becoming a Christian is not the end of the battle, but the real beginning.--
Matthew Henry

It's a tough one Jill, and I believe that love Always has to be mixed with action. However, sometimes the word love can carry an earthly meaning. When we step back and realize what Biblical love is, then the decision for drastic measures, when facing abortion, is made easier.

By His love and grace, Caleb

Jillian said...

First off, I removed the posts you put on the wrong page. (No, I'm not censoring comments which don't agree with my opinions.)

I agree that we must take action against abortion. What I don't exactly agree with is scare tactics. Yes, sometimes people need to be hit with the true awfulness of their sin. But I watched about 50 people react to seeing those signs for the first time, and I did not see one of them change their minds about it. They immediately became defensive..."It's my life, what right do they have?"...not seeing that they don't have the right to end another's life. Arguing with the post-modernists is, like you said, an exercise in futility. (However, arguing with you is also an exercise in futility.) Because of that very reason, I don't think those signs were effective. All they were doing was arguing with those whose minds are already made up and horrifying those who are not sure.

The better way to end this atrocity is thru what the Whatcom County Pregnancy Center does... helping these people, showing them pictures of these babies via ultrasounds, giving them the means they need to care for the babies, showing the women options such as adoption, providing a place for them to live, and, most of all, praying for and loving these women.

"Compassion costs. It is easy to argue, criticize, and condemn, but redemption is costly, and comfort draws from the deep. Brains can argue, but it takes heart to comfort." - Samuel Chadwick. Doing all that work mentioned above is much harder than standing at the community college for a couple of hours and arguing with some flaming post-modernists. Anyone can argue, as you and I havae proved, but it takes an act of God to love and comfort these people.

There will be no lasting changes without first having the inward change of a redeemed and sacntified life. And so as we confront these people with the awfulness of abortion, we must also confront them with God's grace and healing. They must be changed from the inside out or they will not be changed at all.

Anonymous said...

Like I said the other day, I don't think it's an argument whatsoever. We are simply two Christians looking for a median on the topic of abortion. No throwing chairs, bars, pipes, or any other harmful object. =) Nevertheless (I just had to say that word), we will learn from each other’s viewpoints.
Anyway, I hope I'll catch you at the game today; I'll probably be a little late because of my Grandma's 80th birthday. I'll see ya there,

By His grace and love, Caleb