Tuesday, January 24, 2006

To All Those Back Home

Hello my dear ones,

Well, I'm back in CA...and in some ways it feels like I never left. Life is settling back into a routine and for that I am very grateful. Classes began yesterday and my babysitting job starts up again today. I still have a few more loose ends to tie up, but everything seems to be going well.

I'm really excited for my classes this semester because I can already tell that I'm about to be stretched in ways I've never experienced before, both mentally and emotionally. My professors who teach the bulk of my classes have a reputation for humiliating their students in the interest of learning. And I don't like to be humiliated! My pride is already telling me that this was a mistake, but I'm praying hard for humility and I know these classes will be an excellent lesson for me both academically and spiritually.

My two conferences were excellent! I'm overwhelmed by the sheer bulk of the material that was covered and all the ways I was convicted. I keep going over my notes and finding new things that strike me. So there is a post simmering in my mind, but it's not sure of the direction it's going to take yet. :-) But I do know that I have been stimulated and encouraged to live this next semester for the glory of God, and I've been taking steps to help me be disciplined in this. And so far this semester has seen a more organized use of my time and a better awareness of my priorities than the last one. So I'm excited about what happening!

I love and miss all of y'all and am so grateful for the refreshment of break and spending time with you. It helped me reevaluate what makes friendship precious--and you are very precious to me indeed! Please keep me up-to-date on how I can be praying....I have a cell phone now with free nights and weekends, so I can stay in touch more cheaply! Email if you want the number.

Much Love,


Kimi said...

Love and miss ya too Jill. Watching stupid movies on Friday nights just isn't the same without you. :)

Marcie Jo said...

I miss you, Jilly! I still can't wait to get a message from you saying classes were cancelled due to RAIN!

mom said...

Dear Jill,
So good to hear that things are going well...our phone calls haven't always reflected that but...hey, I'm not always right. Janine(hairdresser) said that attachment causes suffering and that she isn't attached (to Alex as he is at UofW)...I wondered if something was wrong with me because I pine for you at times. You are worth the hurt, girl!

purplecak said...

I miss you too Jill!! -"CARRL"

lydia said...

Mom, don't trust everything Janine says. She also said she was abducted by aliens. So her logic isn't totally sound.

Anonymous said...

We were so excited to see you at Christmas. We love to hear about your time in California, your classes, your views and your experiences. You teach us a lot by your attitude. Thanks for sharing.

Leslie Parks