Friday, December 10, 2004

The Newest Bard(s)

"Jill, you do something crazy every day," my little brother once told me, and it's true! You can never tell what sort of crazy thing I am going to do next.

Yesterday was my last day of school for the quarter! My mom took me out to Mexican food to celebrate and then we went to The College Store in Sehome Village to see if one of the books I need for next quarter was there. It wasn't, and neither was the book my mom was looking for, but I did find the coolest thing I've bought for myself in recent history.

The College Store had an entire shelf of Magnetic Poetry, which are those individual magnetic words you string together to form crazy and random, deep and wise, or just plain interesting sentences. After much deliberation, I chose the Shakepeare version because there are such interesting words in it, and you get to use "thee" and "thou."

Jacob, Lydia and I were all really excited about it and immediately went home and cleared of the top half of our fridge. When Caleb and Audrey got home from school, we were crowded around our fridge, pondering what words of wisdom and nonsense we could form. They both gave us odd looks, and Caleb said one of his characteristic comments about how strange I am. I always tell him it's for his own good. His life would be so dull without me! At least that's what think. He seems to think it would be more sane.

But I digress.

Eventually we had created many gems, and I wanted to share some of the best (& worst) here.

methinks I am drunk (Lydia)

maiden discontent & melancholy thou art lazy (Lydia w/a little input from me)

what manner of grace hath woo'd her (Me)

why dost every belch make woman say farewell (Unknown)

a bosom friend always gives light in ghostly night (Audrey)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jill! (Karin here) congrats on finishing the quarter! Now you'll have all that extra time to work on the Dubussy and Brahms;} Hope you have a great break! Merry Christmas!

Kristi said...

LOL that's hilarious! Tell Caleb that yes, he will be most benifited from having a sister like you!!
I've seen that magnetic poetry in the stores as well-it looks awfully tempting!

Caleb said...

You're so cool that I'm going to give you my CoolPersonClubSong....

one...two...three!...Welcome to my club!!! Welcome to my club!! (While clapping) Welcome Jili, Welcome Jili, Welcome Jili, Welcome!


I need more sleep,
your bro

Anonymous said...

You are just to crazy for words. that's why I like you so much. Keep it up.

Jillian said...

Um...thanks, I think. :-)