Tuesday, December 21, 2004

So Girlie

Today I get to babysit the Parks! I am so excited! I love these kids and told the Parks that I am more than willing to adopt them if anything should ever happen. For some reason, when I am babysitting them, I just feel right. I've even babysat them for extended periods of time (like over a weekend) and still wasn't tired of it.

One of the reasons I love babysitting them is because they are already developing great character even at 6, 4, and 2. Their parents have been training them in God's ways from birth, and it shines through. No, they're not perfect, but they are so much sweeter, well-behaved, and polite than the products of non-Christian homes that I sit for. Already the Parks kids are being trained in the Biblical roles of men and women. Last week they came over to our house and we played many games with them. One of them was Polly Pockets, but after a couple of minutes Job looked up at us and asked "Is this...very girlie?"

"Well, sort of," Lydia replied. Job wandered off, in search of a less "girlie" pursuit.

Lona, however, giggled to herself and said, "It's girlie!" as a pleased grin spread across her face.

Job and Isaac turned to playing superheroes, and eventually returned to where Lona was. Job began to use his "superpowers" to render her immobile, but Isaac stopped him. "Job!" he said. "We're not supposed to attack Lona, we're supposed to protect her!" What a change from my feministic college courses where we discussed gender influence on children and the policy of giving a child (whether boy or girl) a doll and a car for Christmas. No such politically correct nonsense is going on in the Parks household!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so sweet, the Park kids are to cute:) It's adorable how Lona, even though she has two older brothers is such a girlie girl.

lydia said...

Yeah, they are sooooo cute, and they are very sweet!