Friday, January 14, 2005


School has once again started and once again I have a million things to do and once again I don't want to do any of them! Argh! Procrastination is my worst failing when it comes to school and I find myself ending up with more stress because I won't just buckle down and get a head start on my three huge essays that will all be due on the same day. I can already see myself at the end of quarter, walking around campus bleary-eyed with a gargantuan sized coffee in my hands.

Here I am again, doing more procrastinating...anything, ANYTHING to get my mind off the homework I should be doing. "It's not due til Tuesday" the devil on one shoulder keeps telling me. But I know from much experience that if I give in, I can't enjoy the things I have planned to do on this three day weekend. So, *sigh* I'm off to tackle the world of home work.


Anonymous said...

Your new homework assignment; "Write Kimi an e-mail sometime today"!!!!

Caleb said...

Stress? Procrastination? Hahaha......I wish I could still procrastinate. As of right now, I can't finish all of my work Tuesdays through Thursdays, even if I hit the books like a wild bull. I was forced, repeat forced, to go to bed the other night at midnight. Of course I got up at 3:00 something anyway, but that's what it's been coming down to.
I would list all the things I'm juggling right now, and the things waiting to be added to the mix, but that would just add to my Apathetic frustration.
Anywho, the weekend is here -- lets enjoy it. But the most important thing is to throw out these meaningless feelings, and know that God is the only one to give this attention to.
W.W.J.D., Caleb? -- Quit whining! =)

Laterz Jill,

(I kid you not) My mom just yelled down here -- "Caleb, I want you to take a nap!"