Monday, August 22, 2005

Living in the Ghetto

(My room)
Wow, it's been a whirlwind week! Somehow in the past few days I've managed to move from the safety and comfort of Boyer Road in Bellingham to the unknown ghettos of the Waldock dorm at the Master's College. That's right folks, I am now living in a ghetto. Graffiti, bricks, the occasional flower in a used pop can, the whole bit.

Well, it's not exactly a ghetto, but it is decorated like one! The emphasis of my wing, and the focus of our decor, is missions, especially Africa and/or inner city. Each wing has different decor in the hallways (in Aaron's it's random sports such as Lawn Darts and Badminton), and our resident advisor (RA from henceforth and forevermore) is passionate about missions. I think she and I shall get along well! :-) We're both English majors, and love books, so that was an immediate point of agreement. On Sunday night, she, my roommate and I, another girl from our wing, and a guy who we passed on our way out, went out to coffee. That's right, we just picked up some random guy.

OK, so I guess I'm really going for shock effect in this entry or something. :-) He wasn't a random guy, but a friend of our RA, and we brought him along because it was his birthday. He doesn't even like coffee though, so I'm not sure what was up with that.

I'm loving it so far! We haven't had time to get homesick yet (I think that's the goal of all this activity), and the weather is, of course, gorgeous. My "WOW Group" and I went to the home of some TMC alumni with a pool Sunday afternoon, and it was such a perfect day for it. I think I got a little burnt though. Oh well...Audrey's expecting me to come home with a tan, so a little sun won't hurt anything.

Oh! In addition to my ghetto home and picking up random guys, I am now the proud owner of a teal Vanagon!

Well, not really, but as we were coming home from church in it, I told the guy (who's from WA, by the way) about my dad's intense dislike for Volkswagen vans. I think my dad's actual words were "I will disown you if you get one of those." I promise I won't buy it Dad, even though it IS pretty awesome. Today (Monday) we decorated it and then drove around Santa Clarita on a photo scavenger hunt. It was tons of fun! I'm beginning to feel less lost and confused and more confident. This morning, only through God's grace, I got up the courage to eat breakfast with two total strangers! You begin to realize that everyone is wishing someone would come up and talk to them, and sometimes I just have to be the one to initiate conversation. if you know me, you know how difficult that is.

I love and miss you all! I pray that God will keep you safe, and keep me resting in the truth of His eternal presence. I close with a photo of my beautiful dorm room...any guys reading this ought to feel privileged, because the sight of a member of the opposite sex's room is indeed a rare privilege! (Oh dear, I still can't figure out how to post it at the end. Oh well, you'll forgive me, right?)

P.S. Caleb B, you made me cry. Don't do that, OK? :-)


Jillian said...

Oh, another P.S. I now have a CA phone number, so just email if you want it, K?

Caleb said...

Got it...

Perhaps a joke will lighten up the mood?

So, what did the Mother bullet say to the Father bullet?

We're going to have a BB!!!

(Excuse me while I go roll on the floor for a while)


purplecak said...

LOL, cute joke Kab...Jill!!! I am so happy to hear about your settling in and getting to know reminds me of coming to Western, umm, 13 years ago. You will have some of the most awesome, memorable times living in the dorms and rubbing shoulders with all kinds of people...and what a blessing that it's at a solid Christian college rather than our local pit of liberal, ungodly garbage. Oh, no offense to you Caleb and Amy V. for choosing to go there...just be alert and discerning...your faith and beliefs will be tested and Lord willing, strengthened. Hugs, Jillian, I am so excited for you!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your time at TMC b/4 school officially starts. Trust me, you will never, ever have a chance to get homesick . . well, I didn't anyway at WBC. You will have such fun, I am soo excited for you! Your room reminds me of my friend's who I visited down there 3 years ago, I think you're in the same dorm as she was. Anyway, keep us updated on how much fun college is, since apparently Caleb and I are in for a pile of garbage, or something. . . ;)
Luvs, Amze

Lydia Lee said...

It sounds like you're having lots of fun, Jill - I envy you going to a Christian college right away . . . almost. :-) (No, I really am enjoying my time off)
Yeah . . . lawn darts and badmitton definitely rate as my top favorite sports (they're the only ones I'm good at! :-).
By the way, that joke was stolen off of Adventures in Odyssey - I thought it sounded familiar!

Caleb said...

Give away all my Odyssey secrets, why don't you......THANKS ALOT!!!


Kimi said...

Aww Jill, you get to stay in the dorm that was named after my Grandpa! I also saw a picture of me on your wall, how sweet:)

Bad, bad, girl! Already picking up guys! My, my what are we, (your friends in Whatcom County) going to do about that? Hmmmm...maybe we should all come over there and make sure you are behaving like a good college girl:)