Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Coming Home

It rained today, and my heart was glad. It was the perfect kind of day for curling up with a cup of tea and a good book and then cooking up a delicious dinner and then lingering around the table with my family. And as I did none of these things but instead walked to the cafeteria for another styrofoam box of food, I did a little dance because in two short days I will be home again. I will be back to the green land of rain and ocean and mountains and, most of all, the people who I love so dearly.

I didn't realize all the little ways I would miss home, but it seems that every day I discover a new one. For example, there is a sad dearth of grocery stores that make good Chinese food here. The country roads race past brown fields and citrus orchards rather than the lushness with which I am familiar. But most of all, there is no Mom to debrief with after I get home from school, no Dad to make corny jokes at the dinner table, no big little brother to plague the life out of me, no little sisters to talk and play and laugh and dance with, no little brother to constantly amuse and amaze me. There are no lengthy Starbucks conversations (because I can no longer bear to linger at Starbucks), no virgin margaritas late at night, no picnics at Hovander, no cruising the streets of Bellingham, no softball games, no trips out to the lake, none of the things I used to enjoy with the friends who know me so well. A girl can make new friends, but when you've only known someone for two months, there's a whole large portion of their life that has yet to be filled in.

So I am excited to come home, to see the changes that have happened in me and others while I've been gone, and to see those things which have remained the same. It's only for a few short days, but what days they shall be!


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Kimi said...

Hurry home deary, we all miss you.

lydia said...

I Can't wait!!! I'm going to stay up late to see you! Mom say's she wonders if she'll be able to sleep tonight, even though you don't come till tomorrow night. :) We're getting the trailer all ready and baking cookies for you! We all can't wait till you get home!!

mom said...

Dearest jilli rose...how home is so different without you. I seldom let myself ponder how far you are. I consider this my second best b-day because I think my best one was spent with you in the hospital, just being your mom...How much of Christ and his love you show to me and the goodness of God is so evident now in all my thoughts of you. I don't even care if your eyebrows are so long they hang down to your eyes! Number 3 favorite b-day was at the zoo! Thanks for being you!
Love always,

Anonymous said...

I would NEVER joke about corn!!

See ya Friday!!


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