Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Life at Masters...complete with pictures!

1.) Me and Alison at Disneyland

2.) Dennay studying in my room

3.) Dennay shaving Brandon's head

4.) Alison riding in the teacups

Just some random photos of things I've been up to lately--my roommate and I hung out at Disneyland (along with many others from TMC) last Saturday. She had never been and I've only been once, so we had a lot of fun acting like little kids! (My roommate is Alison, for those of you who don't know. She's 23 years old, from Wisconsin, and a business major.)

The other pictures are of normal life...yes, the shaving of heads has become normal...somewhat. I think there's something in the water because so many guys here are shaving their heads, and Dennay got to get in on the action the other day. It was pretty funny! (Dennay lives across the hall, and she's an 18 year old teacher education major from Texas, y'all.)

Thank you for viewing this episode of Jillian's photography, I hope you'll stop by again!


Caleb said...


Cool Jake said...

You're lucky, Jill. You can actually put pictures of stuff on your blog. Our computer is to dadgum slow. Anyways, could you put a picture of that girl you babysit? Is she hot?

Jillian said...

Jacob Nelson!!!

Caleb said...

Jake, you and I are going to have a talk...soon.

amze said...

How fun! I remember going to Disneyland with my friends from Master's when I was visiting them 3 years ago. I got some good pix from the teacup ride too! :) See ya Saturday!

lydia said...

Caleb, Please... Not one of your talks. He has me and Caleb H. and Audrey and Jill for that! You just need to face it caleb, that you are the youngest brother and you won't be the one to give "Talks" until you have your OWN kids!

Anonymous said...

Like you guys give him good talks:)

Caleb said...

Hey...There is a sane side to me. Don't you know?

The only thing that ever drove me to be insane was...well... =) ya'll can ask me later!