Sunday, March 19, 2006


Have you ever taken a drive on a lonely dark day?

Have you ever found yourself on a windy road beside the ocean?

Have you ever scrambled down a steep slope to a rock overlooking the shore?

Have you ever sat on the edge of a cliff with your feet dangling over the stormy water and read the gospel of Luke?

Have you ever been afraid that the power of the wind might blow you into the ocean?

Have you ever watched the waves relentlessly chip away at the rocks?

Have you ever wondered at the power of Him who made the ocean and the wind and insignificant little you...and then died to redeem you?

Have you ever found yourself singing praise songs with your voice swallowed by the storm?

Have you ever curled up by a fire at a coffee shop and given thanks for the many things He gives, like a warm latte and a leather journal and a good book and heat that reaches to your bones?

I have. It may have been the highlight of my spring break....

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Lydia Lee said...

Jillian . . . what music to my soul this was - thank you so much for this capsule of true beauty today. I hope God continues to bless you in the same way He is using you to bless my life!