Thursday, April 20, 2006

This is the "word bubble" for my blog. It shows the most common words used (on the front page at least). It is cool. You can find it at


Brittney said...


But I'll tell ya what is not little stinker.
Why can't you just come HOME?
It's okay, though, cuz I know you love me anyway.

By the way, thanx a million for those pictures!
Caleb and I got a kick outta them.
I think I laughed harder than he did, though. :)
And hey...did you get the pictures
I sent you?

Alrighty then...
I'll love you always!


purplecak said...

That is so's especially neat to see words such as, God, good, heart, learn, people, and praying, be some of the ones that appear the most! Hope all is going well, Jill! Missed you at softball :-(
Love- Carol