Thursday, March 03, 2005

La Vida Buena

Usually I'm so good about posts that have a clear theme and subject, but is going to be a conglomeration of other things.

First, and most obvious, I changed how my blog looks. I guess I was just getting tired of the other one. Plus, this one has a smaller font so it looks like I said less, and it has a ready-made links section for your browsing pleasure. I am accepting bribes for any others who want to join the illustrious list to your right. :-) However, it is still green, which is very important somehow. I'm not sure how; I just decided it was.

Maybe I changed because it's spring. I always get a little wanderlust in the spring, and this spring is no different. I'm glad I have my trip to Mexico to temper my excitement. I seriously can't wait to go..we watched a movie and talked with someone from the organization (Stoney Creek Missions) that is sponsoring the trip, and now it just seems that much more real and exciting to me.

Speaking of spring, it is a gorgeous day! I really can't believe I am sitting here in front of a computer typing. Well...OK, not a gorgeous day (this morning was bad), but it's been sunny and it smells like freshly cut grass outside, and the peepers have been out, and it all just makes me really happy! People were studying in the courtyard at Whatcom today, and they could. It wasn't too cold or anything.

To add to my good mood, Squalicum won! They won by a lot too, and they're continuing on, which means I actually might get to see a game if they continue play through Saturday. I really hope they do...I haven't seen a Squalicum game since the one at Ferndale sometime in January.

I wanted to go down to the Tacoma Dome last night, but things just didn't work out. My family left to go to Mount Vernon for 2A districts, and I got the house to myself. This was fine for about 20 minutes, and then I decided I wanted to have a friend over. So I got Brittney and we rented a movie and laughed and made spaghetti and laughed and danced in the kitchen to Phantom of the Opera and laughed..and mostly laughed! Seriously, when we get together, we have the craziest, most fun's awesome.

I got a Phantom of the Opera cd Karin! I'm enjoying it, but I got a weird stare as I was driving through the parking lot with my window rolled down and "Angel of Music" blaring. Oh well. I found this great quote today that says, "To achieve something spectacular, one must sometimes make a spectacle of oneself." I agree!

So people, go out there and make a spectacle of yourselves! It's going to a be a spectacular spring! How do I know? God's had it figured out since the beginning of time. Love y'all!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you Jill!! Phantom of the Opera is the best musical ever!! I'm going to wear my cd out soon, becuase I have been listening to it 24/7.
Oh, and don't worry about the weird stares, THEY'RE the ones that are crazy for not listening to it=)