Saturday, July 09, 2005

Another Adventure! (Accidentally Illegal...Oops!)

Yesterday Marcie and I went to Bellvue to see her cousin play baseball, and we managed to get lost multiple times. I drove the entire way, which we should have known from the beginning wasn't a very good idea. I can be a little blonde sometimes, as illustrated by our adventure on the Bellvue Community College campus. We were trying to find a phonebook, and BCC was one place Marcie was pretty sure she knew how to get to. I'm going to give you her description of the events:

Instead of driving AROUND Bellvue Community College, we drove THROUGH it. Yes, we drove through the campus of BCC. It was great. We were starting to drive around it. And then Jill took a right when we were almost all of the way around it (I thought she was going to turn around in the parking lot). Instead, she goes straight...and I knew she was heading onto the campus.
Our conversation kind of went like this:
Me: "Honey, where are you going?"
Jill: "I'm following the road, see?" (pointing straight ahead between two buildings)
Me: "Honey, we're on the campus."
Jill: "No we're not, this is a road. There's clearance signs on the buildings!" (pointing out said signs)
Me: "No, we're driving through the campus. Trust me, I walked through here yesterday. Right where you're driving."
Jill: "Why are there clearance signs if we can't drive here? We're fine."
[Seriously, there were signs everywhere saying Clearance: 10'5", etc. What's the point of having them in place where people who are 7' at the very tallest will be walking?]
Both of us: dying from laughter!
Me: "I'm sure you're driving on the campus...see the fountain?!" (pointing to my right)
Both of us: "OH MY GOSH!" (hysterical laughter)
[By this time I believed her...mainly because my car was having difficulty maneuvering between the ugly statues and sets of stairs.]
Jill: "Okay, we're on the campus...we'll just follow the road"
Me: "I don't know if this road goes anywhere"
Jill: "It should..." (coming to what looks like a dead end) "Uh-oh." (seeing that it's not a dead end and in fact leads back to the main road) "Oh, we're fine!"
[However, at this point I had to go REALLY slowly because I was going between 2 buildings that were just far enough apart for my car to barely squeeze through. I was now SURE I was not on a road. :-)]
Afterwards, we pulled over in some parking spots (key word: SOME, seeing as how we took up like, four) and just started LAUGHING.

I had been laughing so hard that my stomach ached like crazy, and I got out of my illegally parked car and was leaning against it in the complete hysterics. All of a sudden, a cop rounds the corner behind us. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't talk AND I was terrified that were going to get in trouble for our little escapade. So as the cop pulled near us, we just waved and smiled. (I thought about trying the eyelash fluttering, but those of you who know me well know how poorly that usually works out.) He started just driving past, but Marcie stopped him to ask for directions, and, after calming down enough that I could actually drive, we took off to get lost once again. :-) Marcie has the full account...but you've got the highlights here. Don't ask what possessed me to go onto that walkway--I really don't know!


Kimi said...

I didn't know driving through a campus was illegal.

Marcie*Jo said...

LoL, Kimi, this one was...seeing as how it wasn't a

Actually, it probably wasn't illegal- I think it was like, a road for the vending trucks and whatever to get through...but uh, I don't think it was meant for two teenage girls to aimlessly drive on while looking for a phone book. :)

lydia said...

There's you typical Marcie and Jill adventure!