Friday, July 01, 2005

Good Times

This week has simply flown by! It was my one full week this summer during which I had no commitments, so I had all sorts of plans for how to use it. Sadly, only a few of those came to fruition, but it was a good week anyway, and my room is clean along with all of my clothes. That's a good feeling!

The most exciting thing I did this week was on Sunday/Monday. After the baptism service (which was awesome!), Rachel, Amy, Brittney and I went to Starbucks. I hadn't realized how much I missed Starbucks while I was away at camp...maybe I need to join some sort of 12 step program. Oh dear. :-) Then Amy left and we went to Rachel's to get clothes for Rachel and Brittney and then to my house to get clothes for me and burn a CD for Rachel. While we were there, we had a discussion with my mom on everything from witchcraft to dating relationships. I'm not sure how we got from one to the other...but it was fun anyway!

Then we went on some random errands and came back to my house for dinner. We invited Marcie over and watched a chick flick, and then went out to the trailer for a sleepover. As soon as we got out there, we decided that we were hungry, so Marcie and I went inside to see if we had anything worth calling junk food. We ended up with: various types of tea, 3/4 carton of Mint Chip icecream, a large bucket of peanuts, some packages of Corn Nuts, a few cookies, and a bag of Honey BBQ Fritos Twists. This is a fairly typical assortment of "junk food" in the Hazel house...Caleb B. once remarked that we have a weak junk food cupboard. :-) The best part was when we made Brittney eat most of the icecream, telling her it would just melt and make a mess if she didn't. About halfway through, she looks at us and says, "I just realized that this is my least favorite icecream." We just laughed at her and told her she had to eat the rest anyway. I think laughing is the thing we did the most that night...even though Rachel and I had been planning on crying. I guess we just went to the other end of the spectrum!

The next day, we had breakfast and Rachel left for school. Marcie, Brittney, Audrey and I decided we wanted to go to White Rock, so we had lunch (the deciding took a long time) and then went to get Jessica and the Jones' birth certificates. It took awhile because the certificates were in a weird place, but we were on our way to Canada by 3:30. We had trouble getting through because the Jones' don't have picture ID, but they must have decided we didn't have the mental power between the five of us to be terrorists or drug smugglers of any sort! We shopped around and got icecream, and mainly did the crazy stuff we've known to do. When the guy asked if we were bringing anything back from Canada, I gave him our previously prepared answer, "2 toe rings, 2 pairs of earrings, 2 stickers and a keychain." The look on his face was priceless! Yep, we're definitely big spenders!

Then we went to Subway in Lynden for dinner and then to the softball games. It was a good couple of days, and I had lots of fun, good talks, and, of course, good times. :-) Now we're off on vaction to Cannon Beach for 5 days, so I'll talk to ya'll later! Have some good times for me while I'm gone. :-)


Kimi said...

Jill, I hope your time at Cannon Beach will be perfect and that you'll be able to relax a little bit. Be careful and have fun! Miss ya already:)

Marcie*Jo said...

I miss you, Jilly! Have a great time down in Oregon and see ya when you get back! Love ya!

Abbie said...

Have a great vacation!!

BTW, I agree with Caleb--that definately sounds like a weak/boring junk food cupboard.

lydia said...

Definanty weak, we're taking donations for a junk-starved family! Must have at least 10 grams of sugar per serving or 5 grams of fat! JK! LOL. Actually what I would really like is some caramel or cheddar Quakes and some strawberry Pop Tarts!