Monday, June 05, 2006

For the Bellinghamsters

Today was the first official day of interning. It was, as my new roommate (another) Allison would put it, amazing. We've got a lot going on this summer, but the coolest part about it is that it's not just busy work. Everything we're doing is merely letting our light shine so that others see and glorify God. As Pastor Joe said this morning, the awesome thing about light is it's purpose is not to display itself, it's to show something else.

So the main reason for this post is cause I need y'all to pray. A lot. Our tutoring program starts tomorrow and it will be awesome but I'm not ready. Mentally or emotionally. miriam threw me off the deep end (for which I love her dearly) and then drew a picture of me drowning. Well, it looked so awful (me drowning) that I decided I must swim. So pray that I do. Thanks!

Oh! And fireflies (or lightening bugs, if you chose to call them that prosaic name) are amazing.

Much love...


Anonymous said...

I am wondering if you realize how difficult it is to comment because of your vagueness....all it did was leave me asking more questions. I guess this is all I get. You haven't responded to email or texting. I am really struggling with all of this. If this is the will of God, why does it seem so questionable?
I am praying.

Abbie said...

Jillian, I so admire you for spending your summer serving in this way. God will reward you for such a special sacrifice! Thanks for all you do.

I'm praying.

mtdewaddict said...

sooooooo....are you taking swiming lessons? I'm confused. I'll pray for ya!

Jillian said...

it's a metaphor, people. :-) i'm not REALLY going swimming, just metaphorically. and i'm doing much better now. :-)

Allison said...

yes... yes you are going swimming.. although we would know that if you would UPDATE about TOMORROW!!!