Wednesday, June 28, 2006

my calloused feet and too tender knees

I love the line that I used as the title of this entry. I don't pray enough. You know that verse about praying without ceasing? I don't have any idea what it would mean to pray for even 10 minutes without mind wanders so often and I am distracted from my task at hand. I hate that in me...I hate the battle that happens in my mind every time I attempt a prolonged time of prayer. It seems weird to ask for prayers that I might be able to pray, but that is what I am doing. My knees are far too tender.

I meant to write a bunch of things that have inspired and/or convicted me, but alas I left my journal in the intern office...hopefully those rascally boys don't get to it...

Seriously though, I love all the people I am working with. It's awesome to see God use each of's awesome to learn with them and pray with them and sit on a porch at midnight and talk about how great God is...and to laugh! We laugh all the time...these are some of the coolest crazy people in the world...I'm certain I'm the crazier for the twelve-hour-plus days we've spent with each other. And I'm okay with that.

I will leave you with some words from the great poet Pablo Neruda...I managed to get Allison hooked on him tonight so I thought it fitting...

...stand up,
you, stand up,
but stand up with me
and let us go off together
to fight face to face
against the devil's webs,
against the system that distributes hunger,
against organized misery...


miriam said...

i need you.

and i love you.

Kimi said...

Awww, Jill I miss you so much. Your mom just told me the sad news about the weddings. You will be here for the campout though right? Can't wait to talk to you.

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