Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Break My Heart

My first attempt at posting poetry...please don't laugh too hard!

my heart is torn in every direction
clinging to this
holding to that
loving and wanting
full of desiring
longing for anything
but the one thing I ought

one cure alone I see
for this treacherous heart of mine
God break it hard
wrench that away
refuse its desires
break, tear, chasten
bring me to that point
destitute, empty
where all I can see is the foot of your cross

then lift up my head
restore me
renew me
undivided I will be
but first I must be broken

oh Lord this hurts
my flesh cries in pain
my heart bleeds endlessly
my mind rebels
but those nail-scarred hands
pierced for my sin
gently bind me up
undivided at last

only a love as deep as Thine
has the courage to hurt me
to make me whole
a heart once torn this way and that
has found its great purpose
and focus
in Thee


Caleb said...

Great words, Jill!


Deb said...

That poem is amazing! I mean that! You did a fantastic job proclaiming the truth. I have been dealing a lot with the need each of us has to be broken in order to meet at the cross again. With brokenness comes humility and wisdom. Thanks for those words of encouragement. Keep it up!
This is the first time I have visited your site. When you get a chance, I'd love you to visit mine where we offer Holiday Cards. We also have a blog dealing with all sort of Christmas issues.

Caleb said...

Christian spammer? Much better than the others, I must say.

purplecak said...

Jillian...you made me cry. But in a good way. I have felt so broken lately, even just tonight. But God is faithful and I know that the brokenness and the pain and suffering are for my good. He loves us. Thanks, honey, for the encouragement!

Cool Jake said...

Hey Jillian, that wasn't bad at all, except on poetry, you need to capitalize the letter at the start of every line.

Caleb said...

Good tip, Jake.

I tell ya...

That Jill girl needs to brush up on her...honors English?

Just kiddin'

Hey, Jill. I think I'm going to take an intro to poetry writing Spring quarter, so you'll have to teach me when you come home, ok?


Jillian said...

Jake, Jake, Jake, don't you know that the first rule of poetry is...there are no rules? :-)

Brittney said...

The first and last time I attempted to write a poem was two years ago, and when I got to my fourth line,I quit.

Love Ya!

lydia said...

WOW! you wrote that poem?!! I thought you had copied it! that is really good!!

jessica grace said...

Jillian, I am convinced you can do anything!
Brittney's "poem" was called 'Come to the gardens'(but that's not the one she's referring to in her previous comment-wink,wink.)
I'd better post this before she kills me!!
Anyway,I love and miss you tons.
We're thinkin' about visiting you in February. (=

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jill for risking yourself and writing the truth about yourself and the Lord...that all of us might be quicken again to lay down our lives for Him! I love you and your writing has often reminded me of my favorite author...E.Elliot. I can rejoice even though she is now possibly not able to write but God's goodness is still being proclaimed by you in a similar fashion of writing.
Always, Mom