Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stephen Speaks

My homework has been completely forgotten. Why? I discovered Stephen Speaks. Through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend in this crazy blog world, I found a new band that is so fantastic that I impulsively purchased one of their songs...and I am terribly tempted to buy more.

Then as I put the song on full blast and began dancing crazily around my room, my friend Danielle pokes her head into my room {looking for my roommate} and asks, "Where did you get this song?" When I told her, she laughed and told me they are one of Miriam's favorite bands and Danielle has a cd of them because of Miriam. I was just mad at her for not telling me about them before now!

Is there anything more cozy than peppermint tea, my pink blanket and good music?
God is amazing. Everyone is made in His image.......just think of it. Everyone who is dear to me is so different, showing me a different side of God's image. When someone drops their guard enough to allow me a glimpse of their soul, I'm amazed by the beauty of God that magnificently shines through.
Beauty is everywhere...even in the dark alleys of Skid Row. Even in the midst of that poverty and desperation, I see God's wonderful beauty. His grace becomes clearer! As we walked through the broken streets, I contemplated the cracked and scarred sidewalk. It mirrored the lives down there--broken seemingly beyond repair. But God can take the pieces, no matter how shattered, and rebuild them into something beautifully formed in His image. His grace is wonderfully beyond the reach of my comprehension!
Pray for two Jewish children whom my life has come into contact with this past week. Their parents don't want them to hear about the gospel, but the children don't fully believe the faith of their parents either. The oldest is twelve, that miraculous age where the world suddenly doesn't make sense anymore and you need someone to show you the order of it all. I want to be that person for her, to help her see the truth, but her father might not let me babysit again after my discussion of the sovereignty of God with her late at night. But what else can one use to comfort a child who is frightened of evil spirits as she tries to sleep?
Pray for me that I don't spread myself too thin! This week I start both FLO {like ASB} and a possible tutoring opportunity. And from this point, Jillian must find it in herself to say "no" or she will not have time to sleep or eat! {Because these necessities are the first things to go when the time gets tight.}
All of you have my love, and I think of you often. How can I be praying for you now that you've seen some of what's on my heart?


lydia said...

Is your pink blanket your favorite package you've got so far? We've sent you like 5 and we have one that we're about to send you! :) Do you want homemade stuff like cookies or something or do you like the stuff we send you? We will send you anything you want!

lydia said...

*5 packages

super-cool audge said...

heyyyyyyyyyyy jill.
whats up? i miss you! and i can't wait til you come home. we're guna have fun.
<33333 .::AUDREYLYNN::.
ps email me

Kristi said...

Blogs are so wonderful. They let nosey people like me keep track of everyone ;)
Seriously though, it sounds like God is growing you in amazing ways there at Masters. That is so exciting. Do take care not to exhaust yourself though.
You're an awesome writer Jill--don't stop!