Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm Loving It!

It's amazing to go to a school where:
  • The teachers pray before each class
  • Your main textbook is the Bible
  • Your teacher asks for your prayer requests and cares about the condition of your soul
  • The discussions always return to the main relationship in our lives: God
  • People you barely know ask what God's been teaching you lately
  • Everyone smiles at you as you walk past...real smiles with God's love behind them
  • Even in joking, people can't help but include obscure references to the Bible
  • Class discussions revolve around how Christianity agrees and disagrees with the ideas presented in the text
  • For homework you memorize portions of Isaiah
  • Everything centers around God and His Word

I think that my favorite class (although it is EXTREMELY hard to pick) is my Old Testament Survey class. The man who teaches it is an absolute wealth of information on the Old Testament, and I always don't want the class to be over yet when he wraps up. It's a lot of work to be in that class, but it's oh so worth it! My other classes are wonderful as well, but I'm just really loving that one right now. :-)


Brittney said...

Hey Jill!!
I love the idea that you get to memorize scripture passages for your homework.
My classes are God centered, also,and I love it!
It's gonna be really dumb when I have to go to Whatcom next fall and be exposed to so much filth.
Oh well, God will be with me. :)
I love and miss you to the point of tears,girl.

"Please...come home soon."

Kimi said...

NO WAY, Brit, you got a blog? How cool! Now all you need to do is post something and maybe finish your profile:)

Jill, I'm so happy for you. How many wonderful things about our Lord you must be learning. I'm going to be taking Pastor Dax's Inductive Bible study class, I can't wait!!!

Kimi said...

Oh, and is this the same class I went to when we were there for the view weekend? Then again, you probably don't remember which classes I went to:)

Caleb said...

Jill, I'm so happy for you.

How awesome!

School and took it too much for granted while home-schooled.

Now, it's up to liberalvill Western. Gag me. =)

(Salt and light...Salt and light…)

I sure am proud of you, Jill. And I can't wait to be sitting at my reporters desk one day and have my kids run up to me, jump on my lap and say, "Daddy! Tell us about Jillian again! We want to know all about that famous, God-glorifying girl you know!!"


Miss ya. Keep "Pressing On"

purplecak said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are loving your classes...oh what a rich fountain of knowledge and wisdom you have to drink from!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill,
This is all I ever hoped for and more! This is why Master's was the only place I could stand behind for your precious soul. I am eternally grateful... lovingly with tears in my eyes, Mom