Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Countdown of ME!

10 random things you like:
[10] laughing
[9] my family
[8] weather of any kind, but especially wind
[7] the church campout...hanging with friends for a whole week...yeah baby!
[6] driving in my car on a sunny day or a starry night and listening to music
[5] going to Starbucks with friends
[4] softball games!
[3] flip-flops and skirts
[2] my grandma Bonita's house
[1] going to school (I know...I'm insane)

9 of your closest friends:
[9] my family
[8] Brittney
[7] Kimi
[6] Rachel
[5] Marcie
[4] Jessica
[3] Caleb B.
[2] Karin
[1] Milo (seriously...he knows more about me than ANYONE!...kind of sad, seeing as he's a cat)

8 things you DON'T like:
[8] people who can't get along
[7] feeling stressed out
[6] not being able to find cute AND modest clothes
[5] movies that would have been good except for one scene
[4] homework that's due tomorrow
[3] frizzy hair
[2] bad coffee
[1] bad music

7 places you would like to visit:
[7] Japan
[6] New York
[5] Indonesia
[4] Mexico
[3] Texas
[2] Hawaii
[1] Europe, especially Britain

6 places where you've slept:
[6] my bed
[5] our couches
[4] floors at my friends houses
[3] various cars
[2] watching The Village
[1] worst night of sleep ever: sharing a twin bed w/ a friend...I gave up and went to the couch

5 of your favorite books:
[5] The Bible
[4] Passion & Purity
[3] When I Don't Desire God
[2] anything by CS Lewis
[1] various Amy Carmichael books

4 things you want to do before you die:
[4] learn to surf
[3] visit another country
[2] make a difference in someone's life
[1] become a mother

3 people you want to meet before you die:
[3] someone famous
[2] another "kindred spirit"
[1] my future husband...if he's out there

2 events you will never forget:
[2] the day of my salvation decision
[1] the day I realized that God wanted me to serve Him all my life

1 person you will always love:
[1] Jesus Christ

1 comment:

Caleb said...

Jillian! You make me so happy. I'm a friend!

Anywho, it makes me sad that I'll be missing most of the campout... I'm gona' drive all night, baby! I'm getting home to see my honey! (Darn...another dream that I didn't want to wake up from =)

Your brother in Christ,