Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Confusing Education

I am so glad that I am a Christian. If I didn't have the firm foundation from my parents and church, I am positive that I would be so messed up right now. Ideas of all sorts come at me from every direction in my classes that I would be lost and confused if I didn't have that things I know to be true to compare these ideas too.

The main reason this is on my mind is because I've been thinking about all the classes I have ever taken at this college. The ideas that each espouses as true are so contradictory, yet I know people that are alternately sucked in by one or the other. Take, for example, two classes I am taking right now: Social Problems and History of Environmental Ethics (simply because I needed another Honors class). Social Problems is, of course, humanistic at the very core and believes that humans are what really matters in this world, while I sometimes get the feeling in my "environmentalist" class that we humans should really just commit mass suicide so the world wouldn't be as messed up as it is.

I realized this the other day, and had to just laugh. If someone who had no idea what they believed was taking these two classes, what conclusion would they come to? Would they even care or would the confusion just cause them to block the ideas and just strive for a good grade? I really hope to get more than a good GPA out of my college career; I hope that it will teach me about the world and I will have a better understanding of my part and responsibility in it. And, surprisingly, Whatcom has actually helped with this. It's gotten me to think about things that I never considered as a homeschooled student. And some of you might be surprised at the conclusions I've come too...there are a couple essays that you might raise some eyebrows at, but they are what I believe, and my closest and most trusted counselors agree with me. Maybe someday I'll share my feminism essay, but that day is not yet. It's still a theory. A theory based on much prayer, Bible reading, counsel, and thinking, but it's still a theory. I have yet to see how well it works...I'll let you know!


Caleb said...

I'm looking forward to seeing it, Jillian.

purplecak said...

Me too!