Monday, May 09, 2005

Senior Prom

What do you get when you combine some of my favorite things (friends, pretty clothes, roses, good food, music, dancing, movies, and virgin margaritas) into one long, fun-filled night? Senior Prom!

I had so much fun last year at junior prom that I wanted to go again this year, but as the day got nearer, I began having doubts. It looked like my friends were all going to have dates, I didn't want to be the fifth or seventh wheel or whatever it would have been, and I couldn't find a dress for any price, let alone cheap. But God just made things fall into place so beautifully. It turned out that I had another single girlfriend from WCC going who I could split the price of a couple's ticket with, and I finally found a dress the Monday before prom. I got it at Colima Design, a little dress shop in downtown Ferndale, and she told me if I ever needed another, she could make any dress in any size if I just brought her a picture. And her prices are really reasonable!

The day of prom I went to the Walk for Life and then Lydia and I went Mother's Day shopping, so I was already wiped out by 2:00. I read and tried to nap, and then got my stuff together and drove out to the Sebens. Karin did my hair absolutely beautifully and then put miniature roses that my mom bought me in it. I did my makeup and got dressed there so they could see "the finished product" and then I went to our rendezvous point at Lindsay's.

We took a couple pictures there and then went to Coconut Kenny's for appetizers. Rachel and I went in my car and we had a good time listening to country music and smiling at all the people who stared at us. We got cheese balls and a miniature pizza for appetizers and then went to my house for dinner.

My mom had prepared a wonderful four course dinner for us...everyone was completely amazed. The first course was striped jello (compliments of Mrs. Breakey--that's some GOOD stuff!), the second was a beautiful salad, artisan bread, and butter molded to look like shells, and the third was a choice of Sour Cream Spaghetti or Seafood Lasagne with a side of green beans. By the time dessert came out, we were all too full to hold another bite, so she took it over to Lindsay's where we could have it after the dance. I seriously haven't been hungry ever since though! We had such a good time at dinner, and we ended up being late to the dance because we lingered so long over it.

Daddy let me drive his 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummings Diesel to prom, which made me very happy and Marcie and Danae a little scared! But we had no mishaps and I parked it successfully. When we got there (about 1/2 hour late), no one was dancing, but we soon fixed that. The time seemed to just fly. I was considering about asking what time it was, thinking it was around 11, when the DJ announced that it was the last song. Midnight, you know...time for Cinderella to leave the ball (I tried to leave a shoe behind, but my feet hurt too much). My biggest complaint about prom was the music. The DJ didn't really play the best songs for dancing to because many were in that between-slow-and-fast range where you're not exactly sure what to do. But we just made it up off the tops of our heads and had lots of fun and laughs doing it. :-) My little brother was there taking coats and purses, and he didn't have the highest opinion of the way I was dancing, but not everyone can have the gangsta' moves of Caleb Hazel, now can they? I'm content with my sad lack of "hipness."

Afterward we went briefly to Denny's to continue a tradition started at Junior Prom, and then we went to Lindsay's. We piled about 11 of us into her hot tub, which responded by doing its best imitation of Niagara Falls. We sat in there and talked until I turned into a giant prune, and Lindsay, Chrey and Rachel made us virgin margaritas...which were so good!

Then we went inside and talked some more and a few people left. We decided to watch Phantom of the Opera after awhile, starting with "That's All I Ask of You" and then going back to the beginning. I only watched until "Angel of Music" because I was realizing that I had church in the morning and it was getting terribly late. Reluctantly I left, but I will finish the movie sometime soon!

It was a whirlwind night, and a beautiful memory of senior prom. I'm glad I will have no regrets when I think of what others have experienced during their senior proms. Mine has no unhappy memories...just the way it should be!


Caleb said...
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Caleb said...
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Marcie Jo said...

Prom was awesome, Jilly! I'm SOOO glad you came! It went by incredibly fast. I can't believe it's just a little over five weeks until we both graduate! SCARY! Anyways, love ya bunches...and see you in la clase de espanol!

Jillian said...

Caleb...I have it set so every comment is emailed to me as soon as it's posted, so deleting doesn't always work! You should think before, and not after you post. :-)

Caleb said...

I always need to check the audience before I post, you know? I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.