Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

So, another wonderful weekend has come and gone and I'm back in the WCC library, counting the hours until graduation. I'm really excited and terribly scared about it, but mostly I'm just ready for this quarter to be done. Spring is tough because I'm usually getting really burnt out by then and the weather is often so nice that studying takes a backseat to playing, and then on days I can study, the workload is so huge that it's somewhat overwhelming.

But let's think about happier things!

Last Thursday night was the Running Start graduation reception. I went into it with some trepidation, mainly because I had foolishly volunteered to play the piano. Also, Rachel and I decided to spend the afternoon at the park rather than studying like the mature girls we are, so I was feeling a little behind. My original plan had been to practice my sonata all afternoon so it would just flow from my fingers that night, but I went to Blodel Donovan and got sunburnt instead. But it was worth it!

There were so many people that I love at that reception. My aunts drove up from Concrete, a large portion of my dad's extended family came, many friends from church showed up, and I also had many friends from Whatcom there. As I sat on the stage, I almost cried as I thought of all these loved ones.

We had a great group of Running Start students graduating. There were many strong Christians who stood up and made bold witnesses of their faith during our open mic time. I almost went up and said something, but I felt like there was nothing I could say that hadn't been said better by someone else, so I just offered up a silent prayer of thanks to God. Caleb read something about it though, and he made me cry.

My piece went OK, but I was shaking dreadfully toward the end and missed some of the keys. But there were no major catastrophes, for which I was exceedingly grateful!

Afterward, my relatives took about three million pictures, and I was able to greet most of the people who came. It was such a blessing to me to get their hugs and hear their words of encouragement....by the end of the evening, Brittney said I walked like I was floating on air. I don't know about that, but I definitely was very high!

As the evening wound to a close, Brittney and I left. We got mocha shakes at Cruisen Coffee (as if we needed sugar and caffeine!) and then went down to Bellwether and talked until I had to have her back to Carol. We talked about everything, and went from hysterical craziness to serious dreaming and back again.

Then when I got home, my mom came down to my room and we talked. She couldn't sleep, and neither could I, so we had one of those heart to hearts that come all too rarely, but are so awesome when they do happen.

And that was only the beginning of my weekend!

  • School
  • Girls Bible Study
  • District track meet
  • Starbucks
  • Babysitting and watching a chick flick with Rachel
  • Serious conversation with Caleb
  • More girl talk with Rachel


  • Up early, another Starbucks trip
  • Off to Seattle for Kimi's birthday
  • Yummy lunch near Pike Place
  • Shopping
  • Makeovers
  • Rachel and I walking down to the pier when we ran out of money
  • Gorgeous sunny weather
  • Sleepy drive back home


  • Church
  • Lindsay's grad party
  • Field trip, driving all around Whatcom County with Mom, Lyddy and Caleb B.
  • IGA chicken on the bank of the Nooksack
  • Visiting family
  • Watching the end of The Two Towers with my family


  • Sleeping in!
  • Big, leisurely breakfast with the whole family around the table
  • Making quesedillas for my siblings for lunch (after a long shower and cleaning my room)
  • Trip to Family Christian Bookstores and the mall with Audrey and Marcie
  • Off to the lake, Lyddy and Marcie being insane and SWIMMING!!
  • Party at Eschbach's, doing homework, watching volleyball and visiting
  • Back home, dancing in the car and Caleb dancing in the driveway

It was crazy good fun!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You do alot of stuff.

Kimi said...

I watched the last 4th of "Return Of the King" on Sunday. No, that is not why I stayed home from church:)

mtdewaddict said...

It all sounded good until the last part when you said "caleb dancing in the driveway"..... so was that after the serenade outside your window, or did he drink a virgin margareta before that? Whatever it was, it sounds scary!

Jillian said...

It was my little brother Caleb, and he did it because Marcie wanted to see him dance. He's pretty good...much better than Macarana Man!

lydia said...


Marcie*Jo said...

LoL...Macarena Man? Did I miss something!? PS- Caleb is a great dancer...especially with that C-Walk of his...haha

Anyways. And the water wasn't THAT cold...once you got used to it...haha

Love YA!

mtdewaddict said...

Sigh.....I am never dancing in public again.... I have recieved so much riducule over that :( Why does everyone always make fun of me?

Abbie said...

Any teenager who loves Spongbob deserves to be made fun of.

mtdewaddict said...

funny thing is though... I'm not a teenager!

Abbie said...

Sorry, my bad. However...the fact that you're older makes it even worse!

lydia said...

Jill! come to my blog! something cute happened this morning! In fact, it's in my lap right now!