Tuesday, May 24, 2005

If You Read This

if you read this,
even if i don't speak to you often,
you must post a memory of me.
it can be anything, good or bad,
just so long as it happened,
then post this to your journal and see what people remember about you


Caleb said...

My memory is of you always being a faithful frined in tough times...and a sarcastic one in other times... =)

Thanks for being my friend!

C. Jennings Breakey =)

Marcie*Jo said...

My memory...is of last night when I made you climb out of the passenger side window at Safeway and those people were beside us and I couldn't stop laughing...just kidding!

I can't really focus on one memory...there's been basketball games when you did shot chart for me, dances when we never had dates, Spanish classes, teasing Nate, wondering what kind of energy drink Caleb would be toting with him as he walked into Syre, that one Squali basketball game we went to together, random shopping trips, Salt on the Street, Starbucks, and just whatever...dude, thanks for always being there! And there's still more memories to come!!!

Love Always,

Kimi said...

Jill, how on earth do I decide on which memory to write about? We've known each other for about six years and they have been filled with so much fun and laughter along with their share of serious times.

I always remember the weekend I got to babysit you and Audrey, then of course the family campouts at Lake Whatcom. Member sleeping on the dock and then in the back of your Dad's truck and of course squished in your car:)

I'll always remember last night! The ferris wheel, which I though for sure we where going to die on! Then the Mexican restuarant and the "topics" of our conversation;) Wow, I could write a whole post on this.

Love ya Jill, never change okay?

purplecak said...

My memories of you are babysitting you and your siblings and hanging out with your family when you were all so young...and now, getting to watch you as you transition into adulthood as a godly, enthusiastic, kind, caring young woman. Keep your focus on Him, Jill... :-)
Love- Carol

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,
My fondest memory of/with you, is when you tackled three different very difficult Beethoven Sonatas. You made it so very enjoyable to teach! Don't lose them! Continue to do everything for His glory.

mtdewaddict said...

Dude! I will always remember how crazy a driver you are! Man, I always feel like I am speeding trying to keep up with you! Also I'll never forget that time at the campout when I saw you driving your family's van with your foot ON THE DASH!!!!!! Don't get me started on what I think about this gross habit, but seriously, you were the DRIVER! Yes, Jill..... I will remember you for your driving skills!!! :)

Anonymous said...

oh Jill, there are so many incredible memories that I have experienced with you.
I love how you have always been a devoted and compassionate friend to me, even when I've been selfish or inconsiderate.
You are always the one who can make me laugh when I'm goin' through a rough time,always the one who seeks me out and makes me feel special and loved and always the one who underatands my weirdness, dorkiness and most of all my ditziness. :)

My latest memory with you was just last night after your graduation when we bought mocha shakes from cruisin coffee and headed out to the waterfront to sit on and talk about our futures.
That was so meaningful.
I wish with all my heart that you didn't have to go away to Masters;I'm gonna be so lonesome.

Sigh... what am I gonna do without you, dear?
oh well, just remember that you are an incredible friend and I love you!!
See you Friday...I think it's your turn to pay for the lunch, right?( Why am I always broke?)
Love always, Brittney :)

Kelsey said...

Some things that I'll always remember about you is how you call me "Kelsey Ruth" (which no one else hardly ever calls me) and the times when I'm at your house and you hang out with Audrey and I and take us shopping:)Also I remember going boating at the campout and going in circles because we were so awful at paddling:) You are a wonderful person and I'm going to miss you when you leave.

Love Kelsey

lydia said...

I have about 6 billion memories with you! But I really liked the time when we went to Lake Whatcom trail, Me, you, Audrey, and Allie. And we stayed out too late and had to use the cell phones for lights! And when we have gone on tons of car rides, belting out country songs..... and our rides back from pianeo lessons, when I heard "Turn It Up" for the first time...And many other times.... I love you Jill!!!
~ Your Little Sis

Anonymous said...

here's a few...Tears in your daddy's eye as he first held your pink, tired, little body and then you wet on him and he asked,"Is this suppose to be working?"...giving you a new book when you were four as I came home from the hospital with another sibling and you astounding me by reading it aloud...a vivaious twelvish year-old girl who took off to Michigan with her hat...
screaming at your driving when you weren't really all that bad!(I've since had less inexpericenced trainees)...playing the piano for what it seemed to me like the release and the therapy of it...singing, off-key, with all your heart...a melt-down in the dressing room at the swimsuit store...another meltdown in the dressing room during our first bra shopping trip(you seemed reluctant to accept your maturity)...snippets of your love for your siblings(this is so numerous)...finding you reading your bible in your bed and many other various books!

This is only a start.
With much love, Mom